Physical Medicine

Is it becoming a common a thing for you to say "no" to any and all physical activity? Whether it's your grandchildren asking you to play outside, your husband wondering if you want to go to for a swim, or even your friend inviting you along to a cooking class, chronic pain and discomfort can prevent you from regular activity. 


Whether you've suffered an accident or injury that has left you with this pain or aging is simply the reason for your discomfort, Physical Medicine can help you bounce back to doing the things you love. We offer both Chiropractic services and Trigenics to get you feeling back to your best self - without the reliance of drugs or surgery.

chiropractic CARE EXPLAINED

Chiropractic was founded on the philosophy that the body has an inborn ability to heal itself and stay healthy even when under stress. When we become overwhelmed by stress, whether physical emotional or chemical - - our ability to cope is lowered and we begin to build up tension in our bodies. The purpose of the chiropractic adjustment is to discover where this tension is holding on, and to help you release it, thereby allowing you to gain greater adaptability and ease in your body, mind, and spirit. A wonderful side effect of having greater ease in our bodies is that often pain and discomfort will be dramatically decreased.

Results can often be - 

  • Greater feeling of calm even under stress

  • Better sleep and more energy throughout the day

  • Increased immune function

  • Less pain: chronic discomforts, headaches, joint aches

  • Increased mental acuity

  • Reduced anxiety, blood pressure, depression

  • Greater connection with emotional and spiritual self

What to expect - 

It is a very high priority in our office that all of our clients be treated with respect, individuality, and the utmost care possible. Our clients become like family.

We know you and your family by name and enjoy the community aspect of a referral based practice. It is always a joy when a cousin, co-worker, or spouse comes in and recognizes their friend or loved one. We believe that the best kind of community is built through the collective healing process.


During your first visit, Dr Sarah will spend 30-45 minutes one on one with you and will go over a thorough history of your health, perform an exam of your spine and nervous system, and discuss your health goals and concerns. Your X-rays may be reviewed or new ones may be taken onsite. She will also give you your first adjustment and make any needed recommendations for exercises or lifestyle amendments. The frequency and necessity of follow up visits are also discussed based on your health goals.


What Patients Say

"Coming into Dr. Scharf’s chiropractic care has been a catalyst for me to renew a healthy lifestyle. It's amazing how many different aspects of my life it has shifted for the better. She is remarkably kind and gentle, yet strong and inspiring."



At Marin, we use Trigenics as an adjunct to all of our patient care - utilized for those who have joint specific issues to address. It's not only a treatment, but a training system that instantly relieves pain and increases strength and movement. Patients play an active role in Trigenics and are generally asked to move in specific directions, with specific amounts of force in order to regulate movement.

The benefits - 

  1. Patients are interactive participants which means that results have a lot to do with a patient's engagement level.

  2. Trigenics is a "multimodal" treatment system meaning it combines a number of different treatment techniques at once.

  3. Trigenics utilizes modern neurology by taping into the patients own "hardwiring."

  4. A Trigenics practitioner can penetrate deeper into a patient's tissue more than traditional methods, such as massages.

What to expect - 

When you receive Trigenics, we will apply treatment to your injured area while you perform specific movements and exercises, along with breathing techniques. After Trigenics, many patients feel returned feelings of stability, an increase in activity levels, and finding it easier to get up from a chair, go up and down stairs, as well as bend over to pick things up.